Uviedo Photography is a photography business run by owner Castor Uviedo.

Castor was born in 1991 in Apure, Venezuela. From a young age, he always showed interest in technology and was very skilled with computers. As he became older, he decided to pursue this field, and got a degree as a Computer Engineer in 2013. Two years later; he moved to the United States; and quick after, Castor bought his first DSLR camera (Nikon D5100) and grew a passion for photography.

That same year, Castor found a job as a Photographer Assistant, where he was able to develop his photography skills and master the camera and lighting.

As a dedicated and passionate photographer, he is constantly looking for new moments to capture through his camera lens, while utilizing his creative touch.

He has worked on a variety of projects that has expanded his experience, as well as built his portfolio.

Check out more of his work on Instagram: @uviedophotography